Blue Flower


– Allow school and CCA announcements to be posted on the Homepage of the portal for easy viewing.

Facilities Booking

– Allow online booking of school venues and facilities without having clashes. Has both Day and Week view to facilitate planning.

Fault Reporting

– Allow faulty equipments to be reported and reflected real time to the person-in-charge (TA or OM) via SMS or email. An email reply via the portal will be sent to the person who reported the fault once the fault is rectified.


 – Allow tracking of school inventory.

Parent Feedback

– A communication platform for parents and relevant school personnel. Parents will be able to post their feedback and relevant school personnel will be able to response to the feedback.

Staff Attendance

 - Allow office admin to update staff attendance. Staff will be able to track their own attendance and Sign in / out timing.

People Development Management

- Teachers would no longer need to do double entry into TRASI and the PDMS. The course owners would only need to enter the details for all the teachers, hence saving precious time and also reducing human error.


– Allow students to indicate their preferred classes online. Students will be matched accordingly to their preference and results with respect to specific weighing as set by the school. With this system, the streaming time frame can be reduced from weeks to just hours.

Student Attendance

- Allow teachers to take students’ attendance and the attendance will be updated real time to the portal for admin purposes. A SMS will be sent to parents once student is marked as absented or late.

Student Discipline

– A platform to manage students’ disciplinary records for reference and tracking.

Student Submission

– A platform for students to upload files and documents as required by school and teachers.

Travel Declaration

– Allow teachers and students to key in their travel details which can be kept as tracking records based on MOE guidelines.

Student Particulars

– Update and generate students’ particulars, including history of results, attendance and disciplinary records